Shakespeare’s R and J

MD Theatre presents
Shakespeare’s R&J
based on the play by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Joe Calarco

“…superb…utterly compelling…amazing ensemble …Shakespeare’s R&J truly soars with loves light wings.”
Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

“No frills, all the thrills… like knowing the play for the first time…This is the magic of theatre.” Jerry Wasserman, The Province

“This may be the sweetest Juliet I have ever seen…Never have the sonnets resonated so beautifully…Paterson’s direction is sharp and tight making this production as moving as any Romeo and Juliet I’ve seen.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

The Vancouver Courier:
 Top Theatre Productions of 2006
 Play of the Month

Jessie Award Nominations:
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor – Josh Drebit
Outstanding Direction – Jack Paterson

Jason Emanuel*as Student 1 (Romeo, etc.)
Daryl King as Student 2 (Juliet, Benvolio, Friar John, etc.)
Omari Newton * as Student 3 (Mercutio, Lady Capulet, Friar Laurence, etc.)
Josh Drebit* as Student 4 (Tybalt, Nurse, Balthazar, etc.)

Directed by Jack Paterson*

Stage Management by Susan Currie
Set Design by Al Frisk
Costume Design by Moira Fentum
Lighting, Design by Darren Boquist
* Members of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association or U.B.C.P.

Four Young Men: One Reinvented Classic
MD Theatre Co-op presents an all-male cast in the critically-acclaimed Shakespeare’s R&J.

Set in a repressive Catholic boarding school, Joe Calarco’s exciting re-imagining of Romeo and Juliet centres on four boys secretly performing the classic love story at night, out of sight of their masters. This process of enacting the forbidden text shatters the boundaries of their world, forcing them to confront the sexual tensions, anger and jealousy that lie below the surface of their relationships. For the audience it provides a thrilling new context to appreciate one of the theatre’s most beloved texts. As enacted by the four young men in Shakespeare’s R&J, the world’s most famous love story lives with new energy and passion.

Critically acclaimed in both London and New York, the play reinvigorates the Romeo and Juliet story with its simplicity and intimacy. With only four actors playing all the parts on a bare stage it is a celebration of the raw power of theatre to engage, provoke and inspire.


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