Classical Theatre for the Modern Stage
“Exciting…daring…defiant” – Jo Ledingham, The Courier
MD Theatre Collective (formerly Mad Duck) is a unique artist driven and self-produced Collective of professional theatre performers, designers, technicians and administrators.  Operating on an adhoc basis, MD is dedicated to bringing the best of the indie innovation and the alternative staging to classical works while providing unconventional roles for women, color blind casting, mentorship and showcasing emerging talent.
Productions include the Vancouver premiere’s of Shakespeare’s R&J and Titus Andronicus, Vancouver’s first female Prospero in The Tempest, and the critical and popular successes Julius Caesar and Coriolanus.
MD Theatre Collective has been nominated for 11 Jessie Richardson Awards including design, performance and direction, Xtra West’s Live Performance of the Year, and is the recipient of two of Jerry Wasserman’s Vancouverplays.com Play of the Month Awards.

Collective Members:
Chris Britton (Da Vinci’s Inquest), Anna Cummer (Jessie Award Winner), Sean Cummings (Blade 3), Craig Erickson (A Streetcar Named Desire), Ian Farthing (The Glass Menagerie), Lucia Frangione (Espresso), Al Frisk (Set Design), Moira Fentum (Costumes),Keith Martin Gordey (Cold Squad), Fabrice Grover (The L Word), Julia Henderson ( A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Paul Herbert (Alice in Wonderland), Carole Higgins (Carousel Theatre), Connie Hossie (Stage Manager), Pam Hyatt (Shear Madness), Laura Jaszcz, Ntsikie Kheswa, Ian Alexander Martin (theboards.bc.ca),Craig March (The Dead Zone, The Rhino Brothers), Kirsti Mikoda (Stage Manager), Robin Mooney, Jamie Ogden (Cyrano de Bergerac), Jon Paterson (Ribbit Productions), Jack Paterson (Director ), Jennifer Paterson (Shape of a Girl), Melissa Powell (Lights), John Prowse (Cloud 9), David Purvis (Final Destination 2), Teryl Rothery (Star Gate: SG1), Christina Schild (Battlestar Galactica), Samantha Simmonds (Touchstone Theatre), Bert Steinmanis (Translations), Terri Anne Wilson, Gwynyth Walsh (Star Trek:Generations, Da Vinci’s Inquest), Kevin Williamson (English Suitcase)

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